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Brewery Spotlight: April Box

We are delighted to introduce our April Subscription Boxes. We have a fantastic range of beers from amazing small batch craft breweries across the UK for you to enjoy this month.

Brass Castle

We are so excited to have Brass Castle in our Dark and IPA boxes. They are a vegan and gluten free brewery brewing some amazing, innovative beers based in Yorkshire. Ellie from Brass Castle told us, “Brass Castle brews with integrity and curiosity. We are huge beer fans and we’re convinced that beer is a force for good in the world. Beer brings people together. Our responsibility is to bolster that community as best we can, and so to DO BEER BETTER. That means making great-tasting beer properly and sustainably, from the best ingredients, and making it as engaging and accessible as it can be.

Our aim is to be Britain’s best brewer of vegan and gluten-free beers, from our homestead in the Food Capital of Yorkshire: Malton. Innovation and curiosity have been key to achieving that goal. The only immediate clue that our beers are vegan and gluten-free is that they taste better. And that’s because we’ve brewed them better. So less wastage at all stages and happier drinkers. Along the way, that has brought us many awards and more friends - such is the joy of beer!”

We have the Bad Kitty Vanilla Porter 5.5%, Trinitario Chocolate Stout 5.0% and Blue in the Face Pale Ale 5.8% in our boxes this month. We hope you enjoy their beers and be sure to pop into their taproom if you are every in the area.


Neck Stamper

Neckstamper is a London based brewery, located in Walthamstow, contributing to the high density of amazing breweries in the area. We caught up with Adam at Necktstamper and he told us, “Neckstamper specialises in hop-forward, punchy styles as well as porters and lagers brewed traditionally but with a modern twist. We regularly release specials experimenting with different hops, yeast and brewing techniques. 

We often get asked about the name - Neckstamper! Our name and the name of our beers come from old beer slang. Neck-stamper was the term given to the pot-boy/girl at ale-houses in the 1600s. Their job was to collect the tankards that had been sent out to homes, the empties were strung around their ‘necks’ as they ‘stamped’ around the streets of London.”

In this month’s subscription boxes we have the Moon Curser APA 5.2% and Mizzle NEIPA 6%  


Overtone is a Glasgow based brewery famous for their juicy New England style IPA’s. Established in Glasgow in 2018, Overtone has become one of the most popular players in the British Craft beer community. Mirroring the vibrant ethos of Glasgow's music scene, Overtone's beer names and label designs are a reflection of their shared passion for music and the city's cultural dynamism, embodying qualities of freshness, vibrancy, and constant evolution.

With a dedicated and culturally diverse team at its core, Overtone is on an exciting journey to expand its global community, embracing a philosophy that celebrates inclusivity with the belief that "beer is for everyone."

You’ll find three overtone beers in our boxes this month. We have Obsidian Stout 6.5%, Otago West Coast Pale Ale 5.2% and Utopia DIPA 8.0%

Pretty Decent Beer

Pretty Decent Beer is the second Walthamstow brewery featured in our boxes this month. They have two taprooms in Walthamstow, the most recent opened in 2022 and part of the Black Horse Beer mile. Situated in a per of London with Amazing breweries, PDB are in good company in the area and stand out with their unique style branding. They brew a range of different styles from Pale Ales to stouts to sour beer, the beers are modern progressive and seasonal.

This month we have Live for Today, Because Tomorrow's Looking Crap 5.5%, Employee of The Month, Milk Stout 4.7% Kissing Pigeons in the Park NEIPA 5.8%

Quantock brewing

In the brewing domain, Quantock Brewery is defined by a straightforward approach:

Their mission revolves around consistently delivering exceptional beers across a wide array of styles, ranging from easy-drinking options to robust, high-hopped brews. From their staple offerings to their exclusive limited edition small-batch creations and unique specials, Quantock Brewery is committed to showcasing the diverse world of beer, introducing enthusiasts to new flavours and revitalized classics.

Quantock Brewery's unwavering commitment to excellence has set them apart within the independent brewery community.

Boasting a remarkable collection of over 100 industry-recognized awards, Quantock Brewery proudly stands as beer enthusiasts with a clear objective: to deepen their knowledge and appreciation of this beloved libation.

As the beer landscape evolves, so does Quantock Brewery, continually expanding their portfolio to include a diverse range of beer styles while consistently pushing the boundaries of brewing innovation.

We have one of their sour beers in our box this month, Is this the way to Amaretto? 4.0%  we really love this pastry sour, it hits all the right notes and has a lovely flavour!

Mad Squirrel

Mad Squirrel Brewery, nestled at the base of the Chiltern Hills just outside London, has been on an ongoing journey of evolution and growth since its inception in 2010. They take pride in their unwavering dedication to quality, innovation, and the exploration of new brewing horizons.

Their mission is simple yet profound: to craft exceptional beers that not only excite and satisfy but also challenge the norms. Mad Squirrel is passionate about sharing their creations with as many people as possible, spreading their enthusiasm for brewing far and wide.

With 7 Mad Squirrel bars, an online shop, and distribution to pubs, shops, and events, the brewery ensures that their beers are readily accessible to beer enthusiasts across various platforms. They are constantly seeking new partnerships and outlets to expand their reach even further.

At the heart of Mad Squirrel's operation are their skilled brewers, who blend traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to create an ever-changing selection of brews that push the boundaries of taste and creativity.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of improvement, Mad Squirrel embraces fresh perspectives, ventures beyond the conventional, and eagerly embraces change as they strive for excellence in all aspects of their operation.

The brewery's Core Range, available year-round, spans a wide spectrum of styles, catering to various palates, from rich milk stouts to crisp pilsner lagers. Complementing this lineup are their Occasional and Limited Releases, which provide platforms for experimentation and innovation.

We have one sour and two stouts, Elephant Juice 3.9%, Busted Biscuits 6.0% and De La Nut 4.5% in our boxes this month.

Left Handed Giant

Left Handed Giant is a Bristol-based brewing company, with three premises across the city. They make a variety of styles from two brewery sites based in Bristol, one at their taproom in St Philips, and one at the brewpub in the heart of the city.

In 2014, a man named Rich Poole walked into Small Bar, Bristol, and handed some beer over to Bruce Gray and Jack Granger. This began a brewing journey that started on a 200L kit through the back of that same bar, before developing into a cuckoo brewery operation known as Left Handed Giant.

We caught up with Liam who told us more about the brewery, "Our own physical brewery operation began in 2017, before raising more than £1m from the local community via Crowdcube to build the beating heart of our business, a brewpub overlooking the floating harbour in the centre of Bristol, which opened in 2019. We now operate over 2 brewing sites, producing around 4000 hL of beer annually, sold through independent pubs, bars and bottle shops with the majority straight to tap through our Finzels Reach Brewpub, our St Philips Tap Room and still, from where it all began at Small Bar.

We are proudly a Founder, Employee and Community owned business. We are owned and operated by the people who work in and use our premises, and drink our beer. We have 1500 shareholders in our small company, with more than 80% of them having BS postcodes."

We have two awesome sour beers from Left Handed Giant this month, they are Organised Nonsense Sour 5.5%, Dear Future 4.0%.







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